I have been lucky enough to be in this industry for 15 years and have met the most amazing people. I am a multi passionate person, meaning, I turn the majority of my hobbies into careers.

My husband, Todd, and I own a healthy and sustainable candle company called Hopps & Honey, and I design websites for the most amazing businesses. And don't get me started on real estate!

We are parents to the craziest boys around, a 10 year old and 6 month old (Surprise!) And the goofiest 3 doggos. The best thing about doing what I love is being able to share it with the people I love.

Welcome to Beauty and Whiskey! I created this little slice of hair heaven 8 years ago as a place to to get the creative juices a flowin.

 I really wanted it to be where all the hair magic happens  and my clients could be just as comfy!